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Monthly Archives: August 2019

FREE e-Book: Developing Open Cloud Native Microservices—Your Java Code in Action

What are the challenges to creating, running, and supporting cloud native microservices? In this report, developer advocates from IBM explain what you need to know when building new cloud-based applications. Software developers will learn how to work with Java and several modern techniques to develop, deploy, and...
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US mobile speeds are super slow. Here’s what we can do about it.

It’s no secret that US internet connectivity speeds pale in comparison to those in much of the developed world. But a new report shows that we’re falling even further behind — and the advent of new, faster wireless technology that would need to build off of existing, suboptimal infrastructure could further hinder US technological dominance and amplify the country’s digital divide.

Currently, the US ranks 40th in the world for mean mobile download speeds — up a mere three spots from last year, according to a new report from internet speed measurement company Ookla. More dismally, the country ranked 94th in mean mobile upload speeds, falling 21 spots from 2018.