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Why Is My Website Losing Traffic And How To Deal With It?

If you are a website owner, you might have come across the situation of sudden traffic drops. Website traffic is more important for any business with an online presence.  This is because, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more are the opportunities to earn more revenue online and make your brand popular. This is why a sudden drop in website traffic is a matter of concern. It could be due to technical issues, any recent website changes algorithm updates or poor optimization.

Here are a few things that you must check for when you notice a drop in your organic traffic.

  • Recent Changes to Website – Any recent changes done to your website, could cause loss of traffic. You might have probably done the changes to increase the traffic, hoping that people will find your website after a revamp. May be you missed to integrate certain SEO features when you made the web design changes. How to fix this? Optimize the Onpage SEO Factors of your website by integrating keywords, enhancing the page speed, fixing the bugs and building quality links. This will help you bring back the lost traffic and get more people towards your website.

  • Pages Load Too Slowly – This usually happens when you add new elements to your web pages like photos, videos or any big files that isn’t optimized. This can slow down your webpage. So make sure that these files are optimized. Internet users hate websites that load slow, this way you might lose traffic. To solve this, check the page speed of your website, and identify which elements are affecting your page.

  • Site’s Tracking Code – This is one of the most overlooked reasons for traffic drop. When changes are being made to the website code or the Analytics plug-ins, it can trigger problems with tracking code. This is sure to cause differences in analytics reporting. So, double-check the tracking code first, before troubleshooting somewhere else.

  • Technical Issues – Technical problems like 404 errors, page load time, missing on-page SEO elements etc. are a few technical issues that could cause the ranking drops. You can also find these technical problems through, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test and more.

  • Web Server Overload –When your website goes down, you must check if your web server is overloaded. In this case, it might be hard for the website to keep up with the demand from the users visiting the site. Hence, it is necessary to optimize your website and prepare it for traffic spikes to avoid any downtime.

  • Google Algorithmic Updates – Google makes its updates frequently, it could be either small or significant changes, which could cause chaos with the flow of traffic. Hence, it is essential to stay in par with the changes, and fix the website according to the amendments.


It is really annoying to see your web site losing traffic after you have put in ample time and effort to make it perform great. At times even small changes could kindle effects. If you are not confident of making these fixes, you can rely on a trustworthy, white-label digital marketing company to get your website back on track!

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