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Why Every Business Needs a Google My Business Listing

Google My Business (GMB) has emerged as one of the most sought-after features used by customers to discover local businesses such as a pizza place or a clothing store. Realizing how popular this has become, more and more businesses are utilizing the power of GMB listings lately to let potential customers find them. It’s by far the fastest way to improve your business exposure in Google search at no cost! Here’s what you need to know.

Google My Business – What is it?

GMB is Google’s free marketing tool that lets companies promote their business/store both in Google Search and Google Maps. With this tool, businesses can simply create a listing containing information such as the store name, address, website, working hours, and phone number. It’s essentially free marketing!

Customers searching on the web will easily discover your store based on what they’re searching for. If, for instance, you own a restaurant and have a GMB listing for it, users searching the term “restaurants near me” will find your business within a list of all the other restaurants in the location. GMB listings are displayed on top of SERPs, thus tremendously improving the visibility of your business.

4 Ways GMB is Useful for You

    • Advertising: Your potential customers get to learn more about your business, as you share important information including your working hours and address. Besides contact details, you can also regularly post updates and photos to your listing for promoting discount sales, news, and more.


    • Answer Customer Queries: Customers can easily reach out to you directly with the messaging feature that Google recently introduced. You can answer customer queries in real time via chat. This is optional, but works great for attracting new customers or improving existing customer relations.


    • Better Sales & Traffic: A GMB listing certainly improves your sales and traffic. Customers trust GMB listings as they’re displayed only after multiple verifications. If you have an online store, more people would visit your site via GMB. Don’t forget to contact the SEO experts for optimizing your website and improving sales.


    • It’s Free: As mentioned above, creating a GMB listing is free advertising for businesses. Your potential customers can find you easy and fast. The only other way to promote your business on top of SERPs is with Google Ads, for which you need a budget.


How to Use GMB?

When creating a new GMB listing for your business, it must be verified for authenticity. Post successful verification, it will be displayed on Google search and maps. Make sure to optimize your listing by including the relevant details. Enabling customers to post reviews about your service also helps.

Harness this powerful tool to improve your brand presence with ease! If you need assistance in creating or optimizing GMB listings for your store, get in touch with an SEO professional right away.


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