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Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ – What is it & How Useful is it in SEO


Google offers several tools that search engine professionals and business owners can leverage to improve the SEO performance of websites. We all strive really hard to get our website on the top of SERPs. However, the search engine giant has introduced another enticing opportunity to attract your target audience.

Introducing People Also Ask! This is a helpful feature for users who research about a specific topic on Google. And that means it’s also a great SEO marketing tool for businesses aiming to enhance their visibility on the platform.

An Overview of ‘People Also Ask’

The People Also Ask box contains a list of questions that is relevant to a search query. When you click on a question, the box will reveal a snippet (of a content obtained from a website) that answers the said question. In addition to the text content, the snippet includes the URL of the source website as well.

The People Also Ask box displays an initial set of four questions. But every time you click on a question, two or three additional questions relating to the search query will be displayed by Google.

The Relevance of People Also Ask in SEO:

Google introduced People Also Ask (PAA) in 2015, and it has evolved into one of the most useful features over the years. This obviously presented a new opportunity for brands to market their businesses the organic way.

PAA results in SERPs has steadily increased since launch, and it is noticed that they are more prominently displayed on mobile devices than on desktops. This isn’t a surprise, considering how the mobile web usage has already surpassed that of desktop.

Collect People Also Ask Questions Prior to Content Optimization:

Since PAA results display more on mobile devices, start by making your website mobile-friendly, before putting your focus on content. Better mobile experience translates to better rankings and a better chance of visibility in PAA!

When you have a targeted set of keywords, start researching for popular PAA questions. SEO marketers use tools such as ‘AlsoAsked’ to research questions relevant to your content.

Tips to Optimize Content for PAA:

Just like featured snippets, Google uses an algorithm to pick answers for PAA. SEO professionals recommend optimizing your content for PAA using these tips:

  • Research PAA questions, and create or optimize content in a way that it gives clear answers to them.
  • Use conversational style of writing throughout your content. Make sure it’s concise and easily understandable.
  • When your content is published, be sure to update it from time to time. Find new PAA questions and optimize your content with new answers.

PAA is worth considering for your SEO marketing strategy. SEO professionals are already utilizing the power of PAA and other tools to rank websites higher on SERPs. Should you need any assistance in PAA or SEO marketing in general, talk to an expert today!

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