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Dark Mode on Websites is Getting Popular. Here’s Why You Should Try It

Dark mode has been one of the most discussed topics in the world of tech, considering how it’s been helping people to use their devices for long. Since the outbreak of the pandemic and with lockdown restrictions in place, people have been spending their days staring at their devices, day and night. This is when dark mode became widely popular as it brought along a host of benefits including reduced eye strain.

Top apps including Google, YouTube, Twitter and more have already embraced dark mode, and now the feature is slowly gaining ground in the web design space as well. Here’s why you should follow suit.


Voice Search – What Does it Mean?

For those who don’t know, voice search is a feature on smartphones, tablets, and PCs, with which users speak to their devices to search for a local business or a topic. For instance, if you are driving and want to grab a bite, just say “Where can I get pizza”, and your device will pull a list of pizza shops close to your current location.

Unlike text search, voice search is usually conversational. When you ask a question, the digital assistant will transcribe your voice into text, and provide you information gathered from search engines such as Google. Popular digital assistants include Google’s own Google Assistant, Siri by Apple, and Cortana by Microsoft.

Why Dark Mode in Web Design is Awesome

These reasons will convince you to integrate dark mode to your website.

  • Good Eye Health

Looking at the bright, blue screens, especially in the dark can strain your eyes and may also cause headaches. When dark mode is enabled in an app or website, it becomes a whole lot comfortable as your eyes adjust to the ambient light.

  • Better Sleep Quality:

Prolonged exposure to blue/white light reduces the production of the sleep hormone called Melatonin. Besides reducing sleep quality, it could also lead to other health problems. This is why dark mode is useful for a good night’s sleep.

  • Websites Look Attractive than Ever:

Dark mode makes your web design visually striking as the colors pop out. Images seem to get more attention and the whole aesthetic makes your website look elegant. With a white background, it is possible for people to overlook certain elements in the site due to the excess light. Dark mode emphasizes each visual and content present, so your visitors won’t miss out on the whole experience.

  • Great for SEO:

As dark mode makes it comfortable for users, they’re likely to stick around longer. App developers have already witnessed increased screen time, ever since the implementation of dark mode. This is great, since it will eventually reduce bounce rates for websites and improve SEO performance down the road.

  • Better Battery Life:

Another advantage with dark mode is its ability to save power on devices with OLED screens. Users won’t have to reach out to their chargers more often. So, when users are on the move, they can continue to browse your dark-mode-enabled-site without worrying about battery backup.

Despite its benefits, dark mode may not always be appreciated. Some people will find it hard to browse your site with dark theme when they’re outside or in a well-lit environment. The general rule of thumb is to give users the flexibility to choose between light and dark modes. You’ll already see a button on YouTube and other popular sites that does the same.

So, why not try dark mode and see how it works for your website? Talk to the web design pros if you have any questions or require assistance.

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