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Can Chatbots Improve Customer Experience?


Have you ever wondered how a machine could engage customers and assist them as they shop online? In this customer-centered business world, their experience with a brand has become the main concern for every marketing team. If you are concerned about customer experience, chatbots can offer a service that exceeds your expectation.

According to the research reports of Gartner, “chatbots will handle up to 85% of customer service interactions within a year.” “15% of American adults used a chatbot last year, and 27% of customers consider a chatbot as a great channel to buy a basic item, while 13% would interact with it to buy an expensive product,” says other reports.

So, what are chatbots?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to engage with users automatically and responds proactively to messages containing specific words or phrases by offering a predefined response. This type of chatbot is called as a decision-tree chatbot. A chatbot can be used for the following purposes,

  • Scan the internet to find relevant information about a search query
  • To provide automatic responses
  • To have a real-time conversation with the customers
  • Can be used to correct information automatically
  • Simulate social media followers
  • Perform virtual assistant duties


Chatbots & Customer Experience

According to Forbes, 40% of firms will have or will start using chatbots at the end of 2019. The progress in artificial intelligence will make it difficult for us to distinguish the difference between a chatbot conversation and a conversation with a human. It also provides an immediate response to customer requests and queries.

The chatbots are designed to provide immediate and efficient service to customers, which makes it possible for companies to answer queries 24 hours a day, seven days a week in less time, and with few resources.


Applications of Chatbots

From everyday tasks to business affairs, chatbots can be used for a variety of purposes to make people’s lives much easier. Here are a few applications of chatbots in various fields.

  • A statistical report by Hubspot reveals that 47% of consumers are open to buying items through a chatbot, and 37% would buy items from Facebook. So, chatbots can be used by online shops to sell any products they manufacture or sell.
  • As discussed earlier, chatbots can be significantly used for customer service to automate communication with customers, speeds up the response time of the businesses, and free up time for agents to perform more challenging tasks.
  • Chatbots used for delivery service has become extremely popular these days. These chatbots are very easy to use as customers don’t have to call and wait to place their order.
  • Chatbots can act as an excellent organizer by reminding you of important events, meetings, and other things you have planned.
  • Chatbots are used by news media to show articles on a particular topic chosen by the user. It also provides subscribers with the latest publications.


The Bottom Line

For the past few years, chatbots are used along with agents to solve customer problems and will continue to take more and more of the mundane work off the shoulders of customer service. With a proper strategy and thoughtful approach, it can become a highly productive and valuable member of your customer service team.



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