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4 Ways Google Reviews Benefit Businesses

Most customers or online shoppers these days read through reviews before deciding to make a purchase. Customer reviews have always had a huge impact on one’s purchasing decisions. That said, any business should focus on garnering real and honest reviews from their customers to improve their credibility.

Google lets people post reviews about your business. These reviews will appear in Google Maps as well as Search. This is a great opportunity for companies to show off their reputation and trustworthiness to potential customers. So how exactly do Google reviews help your business? Find out below:

Boost in SEO:

A good SEO strategy should be a part of your digital marketing efforts. Google reviews do play a role in improving your local SEO, thereby helping your company rank higher in the search engine results page. In fact, MOZ states that 9% of Google’s search algorithm is influenced by customer reviews. Now that isn’t a negligible amount. There are three review signals that Google considers, such as:

  • Quantity – the number of reviews posted
  • Diversity – the sources where you reviews come from
  • Velocity – the speed of receiving customer reviews

A combination of the aforesaid review signals will determine the ranking of your business in the search results. This will eventually make your business discoverable for so many people out there.

Improved Clickthrough Rates:

Every business would want to bring as many visitors as possible to their website or store. Rather than spending a significant amount of money towards advertising, put your focus on getting more customer reviews. Positive reviews are found to improve the clickthrough rate by many folds, as your business becomes easily visible in search results. The reviews and ratings will be displayed right next to your business listing. The more positive reviews you obtain, the higher the clickthrough rate will be.

Builds Brand Trust:

Another advantage of Google reviews is that you can establish trust by being transparent with your customers. You might receive a mix of positive and negative reviews, but the way you respond to each one of them tells a lot about your business. Treat your customers with respect, and let others know you are truly committed to improving your business and customer satisfaction. People will perceive your brand as trustworthy as a result.

Opportunity for Improvement:

Both good and bad reviews from your customers should be treated equally. You will get to know what their experience was like with your business. Unbiased customer reviews will give you an insight as to which product or service people like the most, and where you can make improvements. Every negative review must be taken as an opportunity to enhance your brand image. Respond to the reviews from unsatisfied customers, understand their pain points, and see what you can do about it.

Google reviews will help your business stay ahead of the competition in a nutshell. Besides boosting SEO ranking and conversions, better brand loyalty and trust will pay off in the long term. Contact the digital marketing experts if you have any questions.

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