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Reinventing SEO Strategy: During and After COVID 19

If you are a business owner, you might be experiencing a breakdown in your business right now due to COVID-19. We’ve been hearing rumors about lockdowns and social distancing, stating that it might last for a few more months.

That’s stressful!

According to, “About 29% had seen sales decrease at their business or workplace due to the COVID-19 outbreak.” While another report by has revealed that, “the retail sales of nonstore retailers have increased by 0.7% during this COVID-19 in the United States.”

So what can businesses do to survive?

Most industries across are taking sincere efforts to reinvent themselves with the shifting consumer behavior by reworking on their digital marketing strategy and budgets to survive in this unreliable economic situation. The current situation stresses on the businesses to leverage the benefits digital marketing strategies, and evolve with the trends.

Here are some effective digital marketing strategies that might help businesses to walk through this unfamiliar situation.

Develop Empathy

During this pandemic phase, don’t miss to use the words like – ‘We care for you,’ ‘you are our valued customer,’ ‘we understand your problem’ etc., in your newsletters, when commenting the discussion forums, social media engagements, and even when someone leaves a review about your business. But, remember this is not the time to push your products. Instead, you should let them know, that you understand what they are facing right now. Show the human side of your business. Though you won’t be able to do any business at the present, this will be of great help to you after COVID 19 phase. Showing empathy will help you stay connected with your customers and grabs a place for your brand in their minds!

Enhance Your Brand

SEO is a great way to brand tool for your business. But, the trick likes in understanding how to use it tactfully.  In the present situation, people might not have use for your product or services, as they are worrying about keeping themselves healthy, worrying about jobs or business and other loans. This does not mean that customers are offline. Being quarantined at home, customers are looking out for different information related to COVID-19 that will make their life easy. So you can align your content strategy that shares safety messages to the audience.

Increase Your Brand’s Visibility

According to emarketer, “49% held back a campaign launch until later in 2020.” Always keep in mind – anything out of sight, is out of mind.  Meaning if your brand fails to appear on the search results, they will forget your brand. So, look for ways to stay connected with your customers by way of – Video marketing, Social channels, forums, blogs etc.  This will also give you an edge over your competitors.

Make use of Analytical Insights

With SEO analytics, you get to predict the demand for your goods and services. The organic traffic that you have generated in your website is a sign of interest on your brand. The needs of people might have shifted during this pandemic period, but it is not going to remain this way always. They might turn to be hot leads after the pandemic passes away.

COVID 19 is a tragedy for the people across the globe, as it has affected the lives, jobs, businesses and even relationships of many. But, humanity must live on. Staying indoors will keep many safe, and finally, after the pandemic ends, we can get ready to rebuild our lives.
Stay Strong! Stay Safe!

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