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Password managers are great – until you lose the password to your password manager

Password-ManagerDeep breath. I did something really stupid with some of the most important data in my life. And I don’t know how I did it.

I took today’s basic security advice: use a password manager and then have it create different passwords for each site. I chose the 1Password password manager and after installing it, upgraded to a subscription so I could access my passwords across multiple devices.

Then came the weekend that I tried logging into the app and found my password wasn’t working.

I typed it in a few times. Slowly. Then with cut and paste. Nothing registered. It had been working smoothly with my iPhone’s Face ID to unlock access to my passwords, but that stopped working after a phone reboot. And I realized suddenly that the master password being asked for wasn’t the same as the password I had been using previously, before I added the subscription. Bewildering? Yes. My fault? Absolutely. Can I explain how I entered this fugue state of password confusion?



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