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How Does Artificial Intelligence Influence SEO?

The way search engines work is amazing. You just type in a few keywords, and the search engine does the magical work of sourcing the entire internet to acquire the most relevant information and serve you as results. Though it is not mystic, it has several algorithms, and ideas from a lot of talented minds working behind. Formerly, search engines were inconsistent. Yahoo and AOL did its best to interpret what the users wanted, yet unrelated search results were common. After Google and Bing entered the market, it made use of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the search algorithms to serve the customers with relevant search results. Today, amid the AI revolution in search read on to understand how search engines use artificial intelligence –

    • To Control Quality – Previously many SEO companies used black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing, invisible text, cloaking etc. This shady practice has proved to be damaging to the search engines, as the pages that were listed at the top of the search results were not of highest quality. Nowadays, search engines use AI to update their algorithms to split up the high quality content from the spammy contents. With AI, it has removed the need for human quality analysts.


    • Improves Ranking Algorithms – Artificial intelligence not only defends the search engines from getting manipulated, but helps with the ranking algorithms too. In this, machines are taught to create an ideal list of the best possible outcomes, picking up from each of the variables.  For instance, if one of the search results is ranking on the third or fourth place, but has a higher click through rate than the options ahead of it, the search engine would understand from this difference and move that result to the top ranks.


    • Understands Search Queries with NLP and Image Analysis – Search engines are computer applications, but they need to understand the natural human language to find the information that users are looking for. AI is dedicated to teaching computers to grasp natural language to understand their users. Google follows quality practices to optimize the search engine results based on the previous queries and allows the users to search with even a photo.


    • Niches Down your Website – AI helps interpret your site correctly. By niching your website, it indicates Google to send targeted traffic towards your website. Optimizing your website, doesn’t just involve including more number of keywords like it did in the past.  Instead, you can focus on a specific set of audience and get targeted traffic that will stay on your website for a longer time.


    • Real Time Data – Data is the backbone of any business. AI helps businesses gather and list the search terms in real-time, which portrays the demographics, location, devices works best for the search terms. You can also identify the key phrases that generate the best ROI.


    Artificial Intelligence has changed the way search engines work. If businesses look forward to benefit from this innovation, they need to work on improving their website to provide relevant information to users!

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