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Are Progressive Web Applications the Future of the Web?

progressive-web-appsAccording to a recent survey by Comscore, 50% smartphone users in the USA do not download a single app a month. In order to accomplish this issue, Progressive Web Apps are introduced.

PWAs are designed to deliver an app-like experience on your browser but feel like a native app. Regardless of the network quality, they load instantly and can work offline and in areas of low connectivity. It stays up-to-date with the help of pre-caching and serves the user with the newest content upon launch. Similar to a native app, the user can save the Progressive Web App to their home screen so that they can access it anytime.

In short, the benefit of the progressive web app can be put in three points.

  • Reliable – Loads instantly even in bad network conditions
  • Quick – Did you know 53% of users will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load? The silky smooth animations and no janky scrolling allows it to respond quickly to user interactions.
  • Engaging – An immersive user experience that feels more like a native app on your device.

Why are PWAs Important for Businesses?

For businesses looking to build a compelling and easily adaptable mobile experience for their customers, a Progressive Web App can provide the ideal solution. They offer benefits from both the worlds with all the shareability of the web and the functionality of the native app.

No matter what device the users are using, Progressive Web Apps provide a consistent experience and are much faster than the average native app. Moreover, it doesn’t take up more space on a user’s device.


Here are a few reasons why businesses should opt for progressive web apps:


Works Offline

Unlike native mobile apps, a progressive web app can serve you even without an internet connection. So, if you are a retailer with product catalogs, it can benefit you as it can be easily viewed offline.


App Similarity

Progressive Web Apps resemble true native mobile apps and contain a full set of app functionality with database access and dynamic data. The illusion of a native application is achieved with smooth navigation, animations, and scrolling. Moreover, you can design PWAs like the existing corporate website or mobile app, or they can be purposely different, to let users know they’re browsing the progressive application.


Quick and High Performance

The technology of caching implemented in progressive web apps allows it to work faster, and this increased performance results in high-quality user experience and retention rates.


Promoted by Google

Google, one of the largest technology companies of today, encourages the use of progressive web applications; hence, it is believed to have a strong future.


Push Notifications

According to the Google Developers report, almost 60% of users allow their PWAs to send them notifications, which significantly increases opportunities to promote products or services.


Low Development Cost

Unlike traditional native app development, the cost of development for PWA is very low; hence it attracts a mass of companies.


The Bottom Line

As PWAs continue to boost conversions, reduce the load time, and retain all the great benefits of native apps, the future of PWAs is bright. If you don’t have a native app for your business, implementing a PWA is especially compelling to get a bright new start.




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