I was referred to Quantum Designers from a very pleased customer that worked with them earlier in 2017 on there new web site.I was lucky to get one of there senior designers, his name is Marcos. I explained when we first met that had no idea what I was doing, regarding web design and explain our organization culture and business areas of operation.From that meeting he was able to design what I feel is a professional lean web site to help us grow our business. Marcos used square cubes to isolate and separate certification and professional organization, that was never talked about,and I have never seen done before. Marcos assisted width the photo selection and placement, recommended slides, followed on billing, and currently is adding a Blog to the site. It is rare in business when a persons technical competence translates directly to customer confidence.I feel blessed to have worked with Quantum Designers, especially Marcos. We are currently adding a new separate site for one of our growing areas of service work, and we look forward to continued success with Quantum Designers handling our web hosting.

Reid Maxwell

I’m pleased to have Quantum Designers help me develop my web page. I highly recommend Quantum Designers to anyone that needs to grow their business.

Miguel Torres

“Quantum Designers assisted me with developing a website for my start up business. The staff was friendly and great to work with. They were also very efficient and timely. They responded very quickly to my questions and concerns. I would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them.”

Chantal Lewis